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Breed Overview

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon came from France. In this case, the breed came by a Dutchman whose intention was to create the ideal gun dog. In effect, he mixed several breeds, including the Pointer, to produce this dog. For this reason, the breed was a success with many for his ability to point and retrieve, and is often described as the “supreme gun dog”.

Generally speaking, the Griffons are respectful with strangers, obedient and good with other dogs.

Especially devoted and loyal to their family, they have a great sense of humor. Extremely accepting to almost everyone, they make wonderful companions for all. However, they thrive with their owners but can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Featured Image

Life Expectancy

This breed will live 10-14 years.

Size & Activity Level

The Wirehaired Griffon will range 50 to 60 pounds. They are medium-sized dogs and part of the Sporting Group.

For this reason, they have a great deal of energy and require daily exercise. Since they were bred to hunt they need a lot of exercise. With this in mind, this breed does far better exercising in a yard rather than on a leash. Consequently, they are not suitable for city or apartment life or any situation where they cannot run freely.

Care & Grooming

The Griffon has a medium-length, dense double coat which is weather resistant. The coats are straight and wiry and considered to be a non-shedding. Frequent brushings will strip out any dead or loose hairs. Bathe only when necessary, or especially stinky.

Pay special attention to keeping their ears clean and dry, especially after a swim. Ears can trap dirt, water, or debris. Check their ears weekly for any signs of infection. Be sure to keep nails trim. If this intimidates you get assistance from a professional groomer.

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