Athletic, Strong-Willed, Friendly


Breed Overview

The fearless Weimaraner was bred in Germany the early 19th century to hunt large game with Royals. Highly intelligent, fearless and an alert independent thinker.  These dogs are great with children and prefer to be within touching distance of their owner, earning the name Shadow. This loyal breed will bond closely with its owner. Separation anxiety may lead to barking when left alone. Respect training is mandatory for this strong temperament. A Weimaraner will lead the pack when given the opportunity.  Weimaraners are easily distracted by sights, smells, and sounds. The “Gray Ghost” is a highly active house dog. Weims are not a good choice for families with small animals as they are hardwired to hunt.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.

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Life Expectancy

The life expectancy for the Weimaraner is 11-13 years.

Size & Activity Level

The standard size for the Weimaraner is 55-90 pounds and boast an athletic appearance. High energy and intelligence make training a must as he will conquer your household. His grace, speed, and stamina are well-known. A Weimaraner will need to vent energy doing interesting things. He will become restless and willful without structuring his needs. Your yard must be escape-proof as they are crafty in finding ways to escape. This dog will need close supervision.

Care & Grooming

Dirt seems to just fall off this short coat, making the Weimaraner one of the easiest dog breeds to groom. Routine brushing will help the moderate shedding. Bathe only when necessary. Ears that hang need to be checked and cleaned weekly to avoid infection. Crate training will aid housebreaking. This escape artist needs a secure home and yard.

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