Strong, Loyal, Affectionate

Breed Overview

The Victorian Bulldog is a stout, strong, athletic breed of dog. Their longer legs and more pronounced muzzle make them healthier than their cousin, the English Bulldog. The Vic’s temperament is the typical bulldog spirit, calm, relaxed and steady.  Trustworthy and affectionate with everyone they meet, they make excellent family dogs. On the other hand, their intimidating appearance and protective nature make them great guard dogs.  Victorian Bulldogs are smart and love interacting with people, so training these dogs is pretty easy. Be sure to socialize this large dog to ensure good manners with other dogs. For more on this breed check out Victorian Bulldogs.

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Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of the Victorian Bulldog is 10-14 years.

Size & Activity Level

The Victorian Bulldog will range in size from 55-80 pounds when mature. The Vic is an indoor dog who is happy to chill on the couch but needs daily walks and playtime to keep in shape.

Care & Grooming

Victorian Bulldogs are short-haired average shedders. Brush them once or twice weekly, and bathe only as needed. Those cute wrinkled faces need maintenance with attention paid to keeping the folds clean. Vics with very short muzzles will have difficulty in temperature extremes, so keep them comfortable to avoid heat stroke. They will also appreciate a sweater or coat in colder weather.

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