Fads in dog breeds come and go just as in the fashion industry. Purchasing a canine is a serious, lifelong responsibility and should be based on an individual’s lifestyle – not on a breed that happens to be popular at the time. A successful human-dog relationship begins with due diligence on the part of the individual. Dogs are not disposable toys.


People need to research the pros and cons of breeds in which they’re interested. There are numerous considerations to be explored. Some breeds tolerate adults well, but aren’t kid-friendly. Bringing a large breed into a small apartment is a recipe for disaster. People that travel frequently or work long hours will need to hire a dog walker. Small dogs need to relieve themselves more often than large breeds.

It’s important to remember that a bored dog will find ways to occupy themselves if left alone for long periods of time. Active canines will need more exercise than those that are more sedate. A highly vocal breed won’t be appreciated by nearby neighbors. Training is critical for all canines to ensure the safety of the dog, humans, and other animals. Professional training alleviates the potential for multiple problems.

Puppy or Adult

This is one of the most important decisions individuals will make. Dogs are very similar to small children. Puppies will need to be taught not to relieve themselves indoors and are curious about everything. Homes will need to be puppy-proofed. Adult dogs may or may not have developed unwanted habits, depending upon the environment in which they grew up.


Many people obtain a dog, only to discover they’re legitimately allergic and must return the dog. It’s not fair to the dog or kids involved. Every member of the family should spend time around dogs to determine whether they have allergies. Alternately, consider an allergen test. There is no dog that’s hypoallergenic. There are canines that shed less than others and produce less dander – the actual cause of allergies.


Every canine requires some type of grooming. Some breeds require very little, while others will need regular trips to the groomers. It’s not just an aesthetic concern. For instance, allowing hair to grow into a dog’s eyes can injure their vision.

Connecting Breeders & Buyers

We are crazy in love with dogs!  Our team has been very involved in many aspects of the pet industry. For years, we also were breeders, struggling to find a good venue with reasonable rates to advertise in.  Fetchem Puppies to the rescue! We give Breeders every advantage to “show off their puppies.”

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