Top 10 questions asked about French Bulldogs from Google’s Search data:
1. Are French Bulldogs good pets?
Since they don’t bark a lot, French Bulldogs are great apartment dogs. French Bulldogs are very good with young children and other dogs, but someone should always supervise the situation. French Bulldogs are excellent watchdogs and tend to be territorial.
2. Why is the French Bulldog so Expensive?
The price for French Bulldogs is based on the expenses required for breeding a French Bulldog. They require artificial insemination and c-sections to give birth, costing breeders $1000 to $3000.
3. Do French Bulldogs Have Health Problems?
A Frenchie is not for the seriously time-pressured, or the financially faint of heart. Along with daily ear and skin fold ablutions, frequent bathing, routine eye care, and even physical therapy are often required. A run-down of problems Frenchies often face – skin & ear issues, respiratory issues, heat & exercise intolerance, and spinal diseases.
4. Are French Bulldogs Intelligent?
French Bulldogs show a high level of intelligence. For example, they are very good in their ability to alert the owner in a dangerous situation and they are excellent communicators. Add to this their affectionate temperament and eagerness to please, communicating with their own language with a system of yawns, yips, gargles, and barks. They also are excellent with children and other animals.
5. Are French Bulldogs Easy to Potty Train?
French Bulldogs have a stubborn streak. It can take up to 6-8 months to get them potty trained. But with patience, a regular schedule, potty pee pads, and an early, clear “Go Potty” command, they get it done. Remember, never punish to prevent behavior from happening again. It seldom is effective and can be counter-productive – resulting in no change in their behavior except make them afraid of you.
6. Can Bulldogs be left alone?
Not really. French Bulldogs would always rather spend all day cuddling than anything else. They tend to want your complete attention, even showing jealously when you share that attention elsewhere. If you are going to be away for long hours, consider getting a breed other than a French Bulldog.
7. How Often Do You Bathe a French Bulldog?
Your Frenchie is a short-haired dog. The most common practice is to try to bathe them once a month. You can also spot clean them with wet washcloths, or wet wipes that are unscented for sensitive skin.
8. Are Frenchies aggressive?
French Bulldogs can be aggressive in certain circumstances. Frenchies are Bulldogs, so they are ‘big dogs’ in a small body with a ‘big dog’ personality. Sometimes they can show some level of aggression towards dogs of the same sex, but usually when they are provoked, jealous, or feel threatened, but it rarely escalates to more than barking or growling. They are great with children.
9. Which is Better, Male or Female French Bulldog?
Male French Bulldogs tend to be more rambunctious, playful, and assertive. Females often are more timid, but significantly more affectionate the the male. Females tend to be more docile, while males take longer to house train.
10. Do French Bulldogs Have Separation Anxiety?
French Bulldogs do not do well when left along for long periods of time and are prone to separation anxiety. Some will follow you around the house wherever you go. Also, get ready for the cacophony of sounds they make, including: snorting, snoring, farting, yips, grunts, a moans – it’s their own language unique to them.
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