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Shihpoo Breed Overview

The Shihpoo is a small mixed dog, combining a Shih Tzu with a Toy, or Miniature Poodle. Particularly adorable, these dogs resemble real live teddy bears. Hence, socialized ShihPoos are outgoing and make friends easily. For this reason, these companion dogs love to be with their people. With this being said, they are happy to accompany you wherever you go.

Shihpoo temperaments are sweet, smart, and always eager to please their owners. Therefore, crate training works very well with these dogs as does positive reinforcement. Nevertheless, this designer mix loves everyone and is great with children, seniors, and other animals. By the way, Shihpoos love to be cuddled and snuggled, and won’t like to be alone often.

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Shih Poo

Life Expectancy

Shihpoos have a life expectancy of 12-16 years.

Size & Activity Level

Shihpoos are a small mixed breed dog, whose size will depend on the Poodle parent. Whether being from smaller toy poodle parents or larger Miniature Poodle Parents, most ShihPoos will range between 6-15 pounds when mature. These playful pups can get most of their exercise while playing. However, they will also enjoy short to moderate walks.

Care & Grooming

Shihpoo coats can vary from curly Poodle coat to straight Shih Tzu coat. Either way, you can expect them to be non-shedding and have low dander. Daily brushing is required to avoid tangles and matting. Puppy cuts will limit cut grooming time and look adorable on ShihPoos of all ages. Tear staining is sometimes a problem requiring special attention and frequent cleaning under the eyes. In addition, the floppy ears must be kept clean to avoid infection.

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