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The Puggle is a crossbreed mixing Pug and Beagle parents. This designer mix can be a first generation offspring of a purebred Pug and a purebred Beagle. A second generation mix combines 2 Puggle parents. Most will have the wrinkly appearance of a small Mastiff, but with designer breeds, looks and personality can vary.

Puggles are great watchdogs as they will alert you to anything out of the routine. However, they’re too friendly to make good guard dogs. Both breeds in this designer mix have a tendency to be stubborn, therefore you should start positive training techniques as early as possible. They are chowhounds, so it’s best to break up feedings to twice a day. Puggles are sweet, loving companion animals – quick to make friends with people and other dogs. A sense of humor is usually woven into their playful spirit, making them great companions for children.

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Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Puggle is 12-14  years.

Size & Activity Level

Puggles are small to the mid-size designer mix which, in maturity, reaches between 15 and 40 pounds. This is a busy mix that loves long walks and playtime in the yard. They may roam if they catch a good scent, so use a leash or secure fence at all times. Both Pugs and Beagles have a tendency to get overweight, so balance feeding and exercise levels.

Care & Grooming

The Puggle has a short, dense double coat which sheds moderately. Those hanging Beagle ears will need to be kept clean and dry to avoid infection. Those cute Pug facial folds also need attention. Shorter muzzles mean more sensitivity to temperature, so monitor your Puggle in warmer weather to prevent heat stroke.

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