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Breed Overview

The Pug’s origins have long been a mystery. Many insist they came from China. Some say they were brought to Holland in the 15th Century. They became fashionable in the Dutch royal court and made their way to England in 1689. King Louis XIV was a big admirer of the Pug.

They are cheerful and get along very well with kids, other dogs, and household pets.These dogs are full of charm, a big personality and are lively and love everyone. His alert nature makes him an excellent watchdog.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.

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Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Pug is 12-15 years.

Size & Activity Level

Pugs range in size from 14-18 pounds. They are the largest of the Toy breeds and part of the Toy Group. They require minimal exercise, but do love to run and play. A brisk walk or playtime at home will keep them in shape. Living in an apartment or a yard makes them happy.

Hot weather is not a Pug’s friend, so always make sure they have a cool place.

Care & Grooming

The Pug is a short-haired dog and will shed. However, their hair is very fine and their coat is soft. They do require brushing to remove loose hairs. An occasional bath will keep them smelling fresh.

They also “snort” due to their flat face. They also drool. And because they can have a tendency to overeat, keeping them trim is very important to their good health and long life. Keep them on a high-quality diet to promote longevity.

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