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Pekingese Breed Overview

Chinese Royalty bred the “Peke” to be pampered lap dogs in the 8th century. Their name translates to “Lion Dog”. For centuries they were beloved companions to the Imperial Family of China. Notably, DNA evidence confirms these dogs existed as long as 2000 years ago. Hence, they are one of the oldest breeds. Regal and stubborn, they are a good-natured dog who will reciprocate respect when given. With that said, they are loved and cherished today as companion dogs. Also to note, the Pekingese thrives with attention, while still loving his role as a lap dog.  

Find out more about this breed at the American Kennel Club.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Pekingese is 12-15 years.

Size & Activity Level

The Pekingese range in size from 8-15 pounds.  They are part of the Toy Group.  Activity is minimal and a few short walks per day will suffice. To be clear, although they don’t need alot of exercise, they do need regular activity.  Be sure to have pleanty of toys and chewys for them.  Pekes are very alert, and make great little watch dogs. Their small size make them a good choice for apartment living, and easy travel. Also, always monitor with small children and never leave un-attended while outside. 

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Care & Grooming

Pekes are a compact, sturdy little dog. That said, they will need a considerable amount of grooming.  Known to be heavy shedders, regular grooming will help to control the shedding process. You will need to brush, brush and more brush every day. Their fur is long and straight, so bathing will be necessary at least twice a month. Also, maintain ears and nails on a schedule. Finally, the color possibilities are black, fawn, cream, grey, and brindle, while always having a cute little black nose. Always contact your vet or breeder for more information.

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