Good Natured, Charming, Shaggy

Breed Overview

The Old English Sheepdog is an especially young breed, developed somewhere in southern England.

With this in mind, farmers who needed a quick, well-coordinated sheep herder and cattle driver to help take their animals to market. Therefore these dogs became widely used in agricultural areas.

This breed has evolved from a multipurpose farm dog to a companion and show dog.

For one thing, they have a strong herding instinct and may try to herd people or other animals. They are part of the Herding Group.

By the same token, they are a good-natured, devoted clown, who love people, making them real charmers. Indeed, a rough and tumble dog who can be a great playmate for children, however, he takes his responsibility to them seriously. In fact, unless you can confine him, he may well jump the fence and follow them as they walk to school.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.

Old English Sheepdog Featured Image

Life Expectancy

This breed will live 10-12 years.

Size & Activity Level

The English Sheepdog will grow to 60-100 pounds.

This being said, this dog does best in the suburbs or on a farm where they can herd livestock. One hour of vigorous activity per day is required for Sheepdogs to maintain health, happiness and an even temperament.

Sheepdogs make excellent walking, jogging, biking and hiking companions and should be included in these activities. Their heavy coats can make them prone to overheating, so most owners keep their long coats short.

Care & Grooming

The Old English Sheepdog owns a thick, abundant coat of hair that is described as neither straight nor curly. Sheepdogs may be gray, grizzle, blue, blue merle, brown or fawn, and usually, have white markings.

Important to note, these dogs are a challenge to groom. Their coats are very high-maintenance, even for experienced dog owners. Coupled with heavy shedding, they need to be brushed every day in order to remove dead hair and keep the coat tangle-free.  Sheepdogs drool heavily and the hair around the mouth can become discolored, so the face must be washed several times a day, and always after meals. In addition trim nails monthly if the dog does not wear the toenails down naturally outdoors.

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