Gentle, Trainable, Courageous

Breed Overview

The Newfoundland breed is large, strong and yes, from Newfoundland! Originally, he was a working dog used to help fishermen haul wood from the forest.  Well suited to work on land or water, these dogs are strong swimmers and equally strong as a “pack horse”. They are natural-born babysitters. She is a sweet dog who does extremely well with children. A Newfoundland is a big, lovable teddy bear who is eager to please and easy to train.

Early training is recommended due to their quickly growing size and independent nature. As with all breeds, teach children how to approach and handle dogs, and always supervise interactions between dogs and young children. The breeds giant size and potential orthopedic problems must be considered.  They will be happiest in a spacious home with access to water. This shedding, drooling breed will be looking to stay close by your side.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.


Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Newfoundland is 8-10 years.

Size & Activity Level

The Newfoundland will grow to 100-160 pounds. A member of the Working Group, they are large, mellow giants who need regular exercise. They are great swimmers with webbed feet and a water-resistant coat. He has a strong work ethic, loves exercise and mental stimulation. Ongoing training and dog sports are perfect outlets for him.

Care & Grooming

Drool is a way of life with a Newfoundland. They are heavy shedders with a thick double coat.  Their thick, handsome coat requires brushing two to three times a week. Bathe as needed 1-2 times per month. Many owners opt to hire a professional groomer to groom their Newfoundland because it’s a job in itself and time-consuming.

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