Loyal, Fierce, Calm

Breed Overview

The Neopolitan Mastiff is a massive powerhouse of a dog. Origins lie in Southern Italy. Naples, is where they take their names from. Bred by the ancient Romans to defend and guard his owners and properties.

Today, the breed is known as a gentle giant. Although their large size can be intimidating, they make a great family pet. That said, they are low-maintenance and easy going. However, you will be living with drool, so clean fanatics take warning. Notably, this breed will protect and defend their owners. Lastly, they don’t bark excessively and are rather calm and naturally affectionate.

Find out more about this breed at the American Kennel Club

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Neopolitan Mastiff is 9-11 years.

Size & Activity Level 

Neos, as they are sometimes referred, are very large. They can grow to weigh as much as 200 pounds as an adult. They are part of the Working Group. The good news is they do not require much exercise. However, they will need a lot of space due to their giant size. That said, a home with a sizable yard they can patrol is suggested.

This big boy is not a fit for apartment living. To note, the Neo enjoys the outdoors, but does not do well in hot weather. This dog should always live inside regardless of his size. Hence, they form deep bonds with their families and do not like being alone.

Care & Grooming

The Neos shed an average amount. Their coat is dense and short with abundant wrinkles and folds. Colors range in grey, black, blue, mahogany, chocolate, tawny, and sometimes they have brindle and white markings.

A weekly brushing will keep the short coat clean. Bathe only when doggie stink sets in. Ear cleaning is necessary every 2 weeks. Clogged wax and debris will lead to infection if left unattended. Also their nails grow fast, so trim when needed. That being said, this is a large dog. They can become overweight. A modified diet with a high quality dog food with portion control is also necessary.

Always contact your vet or breeder for more information.

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