Malshi Breed Overview

A Malshi is a designer mix. Also known as a Mal-Shi, Malta-Tzu, Malti-Zu, and Shih Tese. This adorable little fluff ball is ideal for a variety of life styles. Hence, they have become one of the most popular designer breeds. To note, the Malshi is the result of breeding a Shih Tzu, with a Maltese. In general, they are very affectionate and happy, while being an alert, fearless, watchdog. A quick learner, this dog trains easily. Finally, loving and gentle, Malshis make excellent companions for all, from children to seniors and first-time dog owners.

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Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Malshi is 13-15 years.

Size & Activity Level

The Malshi is a small dog who range in size from 8-15 pounds. Compact and mobile, they are a good choice for people on the go. While being an energetic dog, they need short daily walks. Also, they are happy to play indoors with people and other pets. Apartment living is suitable, but a home with a small yard works best, as they love the outdoors. Finally, Malshi are lap dogs and bond closely with their family. They do not do well left alone. Hence, they crave attention and love, while being a loyal, devoted companion to all.

malchi-iconic-image-secondaryCare & Grooming

The Malshi is a non-shedding, hypo allergenic companion. Hence, these cute toy like fluffies need a considerable amount of grooming. Hair can be long and straight or have a slight wave. Colors will vary in combinations of black, brown, and white. Also to note, they have black noses.

Brushing will be every few days to prevent matting and tangles. Most owners choose to keep hair clipped in short puppy like cuts. Bathing will be needed at least twice per month. Ears, nails, and teeth will also need attention on a regular schedule. Lastly, diet is also extremely important for the overall heath of the pet. Always serve a very high quality food.

Ultimately, they are a very healthy breed, with few issues. Always contact your vet for more information.

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