Loyal, Smart, Protective

Breed Overview

The Lhasapoo is a newer mixed breed, which has only been around for about 10-20 years. These dogs are a mix of a Lhasa Apso and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. The temperament of this dog is what owners love most. Protective, affectionate, and adorable are just a few of the attributes their owners find irresistible. They are gentle in nature and extremely playful and fun.

That said, these dogs are a super choice for singles, seniors, or families. To note, this cross-breed is kind-hearted and loving, with a tendency to form close bonds with one person. Furthermore, a lap dog for sure, the Lhasapoo will be by your side at all times, no matter what.

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Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Lhasapoo is 12-15 years.

Size & Activity Level

The Lhasapoo ranges in size from 10-18 pounds, depending upon the size of their parents. This hardy, fun little dog will need moderate amounts of exercise. Taking them for a few long walks per day will be just fine. A small yard is an added bonus. If the whether is too harsh, active indoor playtime will keep them at their happiest. That said, any type of home, whether a house or an apartment is a suitable environment for this cutie pie.

lhasapoo-iconic-breed-image-secondaryCare & Grooming

Lhasapoo can have either a straight and long coat, like the Lhasa Apso or a curly coat like the Poodle. Either way they look like stuffed animals.

Their coat will shed very little since a Poodle is a non-shedding breed. Also, they are considered hypoallergenic. Colors include, black, white, brown, tan, and everything in between.

Also be aware that these dogs need daily brushing regardless of which parent they favor. To note, many owners like to keep them groomed in shorter puppy cuts. This makes maintenance less painful. Ears, nails and teeth cleaning will be necessary monthly, as for all dogs. Also, a high-quality dog food will keep them fit and healthy. Ultimately, they are an overall healthy dog. Always contact your vet or breeder for more information.

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