Smart, Playful, Mischievous

Breed Overview

The “Chin”, as they are sometimes referred to, are an entertaining breed, with a unique ability to make people laugh. In fact, Japanese Chin were bred strictly as companion dogs, and are typically a friendly breed. An old breed, Chins did not originate in Japan, but rather China. Some say their ancestry stretches back 1500 years. Notably, they were used to warm the laps of Chinese nobles.

A smart and stylish dog, with an adorable look, this breed has a flat face with large wide eyes. Playful and active, they love to have fun. To note, their small size makes them a great mobile companion and excellent choice for apartment dwellers.

Find out more about this breed at the American Kennel Club.

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Life Expectancy 

The life expectancy of the Japanese Chin is 12-15 years

Size & Activity Level

Japanese Chin range in size from 5-9 pounds, and are part of the Toy Group. Happy and lively, this dog is well suited for any type of home style. Bred exclusively as companion dogs, they do well in families with older children, due to their small size. Plenty of indoor playtime with toys and chewys will keep them happy. A daily walk or short play in a secure yard is necessary. Also to note, their flat face makes them sensitive to high temperatures, so they will need to be in suitable climates, both inside and outside.

Care & Grooming

The Chin are an easy breed to maintain. They do shed, but regular brushing will prevent matting and tangles. The hair is long and wavy, usually in colors of black & white, tri-color, sable & white, red & white, and lemon & white. Bathing will be necessary when stinky sets in, usually once a month. Weekly ear cleaning will prevent build-ups that can cause infections. Nail trimming, and teeth cleaning will need to be completed on a regular schedule.  Also important is a high quality diet.

Always contact your vet or breeder for more information.

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