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Jack Russell Terrier Breed Overview

The Jack Russell Terrier was developed 200 years ago in England to hunt foxes. These dogs pack a lot of punch in a their small package. Since they are hunting dogs, running and chasing is in their dna. They need a lot of stimulation. Consequently, without activities to keep them occupied, they are prone to escaping, destruction, and terrorizing other pets. Specifically, they thrive in a constant family companionship. They make a good fit for an active individual or family. They loves kids, and tolerate other animals. Thus, they are well known for their high intelligence, so a seasoned dog owner will make the best master.

Find out more about this breed at the American Kennel Club.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Jack Russell Terrier is 12-15 years.

 Size & Activity Level

The Jack Russell Terrier will range in weight from 13 to 16 pounds, and are part of the Terrier Group. These dogs have a ton of energy and needs lots of activity. Their hunting skills trigger a constant need to explore. Put simply, this can result in a tendency to wander or run off. Also to note, the vocals on this breed run high. However, their extreme alertness makes them a good watch dog.  A few brisk walks and exercise each day will burn off energy. A large yard, with a very tall, secure fence, is best suited for this escape artist. That said, owners looking for a snuggly couch partner should look elsewhere. 

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 Care & Grooming

The Jack Russell Terrier is a very low-maintenance dog to groom. Their coats come in two styles: either smooth or broken, and each also has a double undercoat that feels coarse. The broken coat is slightly longer in length.

This breed is usually all white with bits of color, so they can be seen by the hunter. An occasional brush out will suffice, and they rarely need baths. However, nail trimming and teeth cleaning must been done on a regular schedule. A high quality dry dog food is recommended. Always consult with your vet or breeder for more advice.  Ultimately, they are an overall healthy, solid breed.  

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