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Breed Overview

The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba and occasionally called the Havana Silk Dog.  A long and silky coat acts as a sunshade in a hot climate. A small and sturdy breed considered to be a great companion animal. For this reason, they are happy to cuddle on your lap or follow you loyally from room to room. They have a fun and entertaining personality, however, they have strong attachment needs and attach themselves to their owners. That is to say, these Cuban circus performers have an eager to please nature. With this being said the training can be super easy.  Indeed,  they are very affectionate and love to be the center of attention.  Excellent therapy and assistant dogs they also do well in many dog sports and events.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.


Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the breed is 14-16 years.

Size & Activity Level

The Havanese will range 7-16 pounds. Part of the Toy Group, with a unique springy gait reflects their playful nature. An active game of fetch or a long walk will satisfy the Havanese energy level. Apartment living would completely satisfy this breeds living requirement. This breed is an indoor dog.

Care & Grooming

The Havanese is a very low shedder who has a quick growing coat.  Specifically they have hair not fur. Daily brushing is necessary to prevent mats, and frequent baths. Many owners suggest keeping a puppy cut throughout their lifetime.

Hair growing between paw pads will need trimming to allow for traction on smooth surfaces.  The Havanese’s drop ears need to be cleaned frequently to avoid infections. Short nail clipping will cut down on maintenance needs.

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