Reliable, Courageous, Playful

Breed Overview

The Giant Schnauzer originates in 17th century Germany where Schnauzers worked as farm help. Giants are the largest of three Schnauzer sizes including standard and mini versions. Robust and strongly built with a large, muscular, imposing body, this breed makes an alert and imposing guard dog.  A harsh beard and eyebrows combined with his signature coat are Schnauzer hallmarks. Giants are considered a hypoallergenic breed when their coat is stripped. Training this breed is a breeze as he hates to be bored and is always up for a challenge. Giants excel at and enjoy being challenged at dog shows and sports of all kinds.

The Giant Schnauzer makes a brave and loyal companion with a playful personality. Their high spirited yet affectionate nature not only makes them great with kids but also makes an awesome therapy dog.  Giants are a sensitive breed who prefers to be physically close to you. They are territorial and suspicious of strangers by nature making them great guard dogs. This independent thinker will need socialization from an early age to identify good behavior versus threatening situations.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.

Giant Schnauzer

Life Expectancy

The breed has a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Size & Activity Level

Giant Schnauzers can mature to anywhere between 55-110 pounds. This very active working breed is more energetic than most large breeds, requiring plenty of mental and physical stimulation. They thrive on athletic activity and you will find without enough exercise they will bounce off the walls. They will enjoy as much activity as they can get.

Care & Grooming

The Giant Schnauzer has a  thick, water resistant, wiry coat. The dense undercoat requires frequent brushing to avoid matting. Their beard will need frequent cleaning to remove food leftovers and other debris. This deep-chested breed is prone to bloat so be sure to consult your vet. Size and smarts require a strong leader who uses consistent positive training to maintain pack leader status.

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