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Breed Overview

A Frenchton is a relatively new designer breed seen in the United States. They are a cross between a French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier. In short, the end result is a French Bulldog with a little more oomph. To note, they were bred specifically to cut down on health issues (respiratory) that Frenchies suffer from. They have a slightly longer snout which makes breathing much easier. Some feel this modern genetic mix brings together the best traits of the Boston and Frenchie. At any rate, they are a highly entertaining, comical dog, who love attention. Very social, they love meeting new people and make wonderful family pets.

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Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Frenchton is 12-15 years.

Size & Activity Level

Frenchtons range in size from 15-25 pounds. They are a short, stocky, sturdy little dog.  These guys are always up for fun and adventure. They require a medium level of activity. Notably, their laid back attitude makes them well suited for apartment living, or homes with small yards. Also, these dogs do well with a few short walks per day, and lots of indoor playtime. That said, this eager-to-please, energetic companion will make a great addition to almost any active household.

frenchton-iconic-image-secondaryCare & Grooming

The good news is Frenchtons are low, low, low maintenance. Their grooming needs are minimal. A short-haired breed, their coat needs only a bit of attention. However, they do shed a little. With that said, a monthly brush out will help.

Ear and teeth cleaning is a weekly task, while nails are monthly. Bath time will be whenever “stinky” sets in. It is recommended to give these dogs a superior quality dog food. You must always ensure that your pet receives a nutritious diet.  Always contact your vet or breeder for more information.
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