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French Bulldog Breed Overview

French Bulldogs were bred in England to be toy Bulldogs. They later emigrated to France. The bat-eared Frenchie is a great companion dog. Their playful nature is balanced by their love of chilling on the couch. They have an affectionate, social, clown-like personality. Your Frenchie will be a lover, not a fighter. Quiet and portable, they make great apartment dogs. This charmer will snore and snort, but rarely bark.  A short walk and your Frenchie will be happy to sit at your feet.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.

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Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the French Bulldog is 10-12 years.

Size & Activity Level

French Bulldogs range in size from 18-24 pounds.They are part of the Non-Sporting Group.   A short walk and occasional “Frenchie 500” around the house will quickly lead to nap time. Frenchies are clowns and will entertain you endlessly.  They darling grin and fun personality have made them a world wide favorite.  By days end they are snug in a comfy spot next to or on their owner.

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Frenchie Care & Grooming

French Bulldogs are temperature-sensitive and overheat due to their short snout. They do not do well in high heat, and shoud never be left outside.  They are indoor pets.  Frenchies are chest heavy and need caution around water. Most cannot swim. Their short coat should be brushed often to minimize shedding. Keep facial wrinkles clean and dry. Their ears need routine cleaning. Frenchies should maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Keeping them lean will promote a long, happy life. Always consult with your vet or breeder for any concerns and questions.
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