You never expect your animal companion to experience a catastrophic accident or injury. If your pet sustains a major injury or illness, veterinary services can be as expensive as those of a human physician. However, you need to choose your pet insurance carrier carefully, as policies and terms of coverage can vary widely.

There are three basic types of pet insurance policies that you can purchase. You’ll typically have to pay for the care out-of-pocket and file a claim for reimbursement. There are deductibles just as for human policies and they contain a waiting period before coverage is active. You’ll have to choose a specific coverage limit and policies pay a set percentage. Companies won’t insure the elderly or pets over a certain age.

Accident Only

Your pet is covered for physical accidents that include ingestion of foreign objects, bloats, and cuts and lacerations. It provides coverage for fractures, poisoning and surgery. The policy won’t cover any pre-existing conditions, illnesses or injuries intentionally inflicted. Poisoning may not be covered under certain circumstances. Premiums are more affordable, the policies are best for young, healthy pets, but they also have the lowest reimbursement rates.

Accident and Illness

These policies pay for mild to severe illnesses that include allergies, asthma and digestive issues, along with cancer. Treatment, hospitalization, surgery and prescription medications are also covered. The policies may or may not cover alternative treatments. Policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions and may exclude some prescription medications.

Routine care such as vaccinations and dental care isn’t covered, but it’s beneficial for breeds that experience health care problems. Premiums are higher than accident only insurance and reimbursement have caps per accident or illness.


If you want to have vaccinations, exam fees, routine lab work and spay/neuter surgeries paid for – this is ideal. However, if your furry family member is injured or gets ill, you’ll be covering the costs out-of-pocket. Reimbursements are made for routine preventative care and typically has a zero deductible. Unfortunately, this isn’t typically provided as a stand-alone policy and is an add on to one of the other two policies.

Connecting Breeders & Buyers

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