Socialization is best done for canines when they’re puppies, but it’s never too late to teach a dog how to behave in an extensive range of environments and to different stimuli. Depending upon the level of previous training and the dog’s age, a professional trainer may be required.


The fight-or-flight response is just as strong in dogs as it is in people. Exposing your dog to things they’ll normally encounter on daily walks and within your particular lifestyle will help keep you, your dog, and other people safe.

Fear and Aggression

A fearful dog can be an aggressive dog. A canine with a gentler disposition may cower while another will lash out. A biting dog is a danger to every human and animal with which it comes into contact. There are serious consequences for you and your dog if they bite. A confident canine can be taken to a dog park, the veterinarian, and in the company of others without dreading what you may encounter.

Fun Factor

A well-socialized dog is fun. They don’t tug at the leash trying to chase wildlife, bikes or examine every person they see. Walks and outings are infinitely more enjoyable.


Dogs need an average of two hours of socialization every day, but it doesn’t have to be all at once. It can be broken into smaller sessions, depending on your lifestyle. That means introducing them to new sights, sounds and scents as a puppy and continuing that as an adult. Canines need ongoing socialization every day for mental and physical health.

Connecting Breeders & Buyers

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