Puppies are a bundle of fun, but many individuals are surprised to discover the number of essential items a puppy will need. The following is a list to keep them healthy, happy, and entertained.


Before taking a puppy out into the wider world, be sure they’re vaccinated against the bacteria, viruses and fungal infections that can jeopardize the pup’s health. Many canine diseases have the potential to kill an unvaccinated puppy. Registration is also required at the local government unit.

Registration and ID Tags

Include an ID tag with the individual’s address on the collar should the pup become lost. Some are opting to chip their puppy with a small device that can be scanned at a shelter to establish ownership – be sure the chip is registered to the current owner.

Adjustable Collar

Fit the collar size to the dog. A collar needs to allow room for growth, but a collar that’s too big or heavy will weigh him/her down. Keep close watch as the puppy grows to ensure it’s not too tight or too loose.


A leash makes training easier and its critical for walks to keep the dog safe. Some canines will chew on a leash, others may pull, and some dogs need to be kept close to their humans. Make sure the leash suits the dog.

Food, Water and Treats

A healthy food designed for puppies can be dry or canned. The canine will also need a food and water dish. Treats make training easier and some help maintain the pup’s dental health. Buy a treat pouch to keep training treats in. Make sure food and treats are secure away from pups.

Puppy Pads and Poop Bags

Puppies have accidents before they’re house broken and puppy pads can provide a designated place for them to relieve themselves indoors. When the pup graduates to daily walks, a leakproof poop bag to pick up feces is essential.

Puppy Bed

Unless the pup will be sleeping on the furniture or hogging the bed, a puppy bed is a comfortable and safe place for them to sleep.

Grooming Tools

A soft brush works for short-haired dogs and combs can harm delicate skin. A dog comb is best for breeds with longer hair.

Gates, Crates and Barriers

Crates are beneficial if humans will be gone for a significant amount of time to keep puppies out of trouble. When humans are home, baby gates and puppy playpens are helpful for keeping young dogs contained and safe.


Puppies are curious and need to play. A couple of soft dog toys to cuddle, hard toys for teething and chewing, and puzzle toys satisfy the pup’s curiosity, provide stimulation, and can help alleviate separation anxiety.

Connecting Breeders & Buyers

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