Fetchem Delivery Options

We Safely Deliver Anywhere in the USA. Fetchem Puppies offers 4 types of delivery. With either you must let Fetchem Puppies know which you prefer at the time of sale.

1- Gold Plan – Uber Pups

We offer ground delivery anywhere in the USA at a rate of: $500

This is a door to door service and the amount is paid to the delivery service.

The delivery service is typically completed within 1-3 days, depending upon your location. This service is a great choice as someone is with your puppy at all times. These puppies are delivered through our Uber Pups, hands on ,personal delivery. The service will provide the puppy with food water, a comfy bed, and keep your puppy clean throughout the entire journey. Please be assured your puppy will have the best care during this delivery process.

You will be contacted by Fetchem with an eta of 1-2 days prior to your puppy departure. Please be advised , the full payment for the puppy is paid


Please be advised this is cash only

2- Silver Plan – Overnight

We offer overnight delivery through Delta Airlines for a rate of $550

This is arranged through Delta airline service, as your puppy will be shipped through Delta and delivered to the airport of your choice.

Shipping is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.

Please be advised payment must be paid in full. That includes the price of the puppy and the fee of $550

3- Bronze Plan – Pickup

This plan allows you to pickup directly from the breeder.  Payment for the puppy will be paid at that time.

4- Platinum Package- Exclusive Nanny Service

An exclusive high end flight nanny service is available for all our puppies,  ranging in price from $600-$1000, depending upon the nanny service you choose.

Your flight nanny will transport your puppy in style while sitting in passenger area of the plane with the puppy. She provides tender loving care as well as offers food water and does potty breaks layovers. Your puppy has full attention at all times with the nanny. This service is recommended for small breeds, or anyone who wants to treat their puppy to a deluxe travel experience.

Be advise this travel fee and the puppy price is paid in advance and is non- refundable.

Please see several Nanny Services you can choose.

You can contact them directly to set up your delivery.


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