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Dalmation Breed Overview

The Dalmatian has a specific look with a white base flecked with black or dark brown spots.  And in addition, they even have spots inside their mouth! Puppies are born white with spots appearing as they age.

Originating in Croatia but developed in England, they were bred to run for miles alongside carriages to protect the horses and carriage. They have an affinity for horses to this day. Also, they are famous for being firehouse dogs in the United States. Dals are very versatile circus performers who pick up new tricks easily. Also, they are great bird dogs, trail hounds, and retrievers.

A Dalmatian has a sly sense of humor and greets people warmly. Their friendliness and warmth to familiar people and standoffish with strangers make them good watchdogs. They want to be included in all family activities, even wanting to sleep with their people.  Eagerness to please and a love of attention makes them easy to train. With lots of attention and training, a Dalmatian can be a great family pet.

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Life Expectancy

A Dalmatian can be expected to live between 12-16 years.

Size & Activity Level

The Dalmatian is a large companion breed averaging between 45-55 pounds. A member of the Non-Sporting Group, the Dalmatian highly active and known for endurance and stamina. A love to run, hike with you can go anywhere is part of their charm.

Dalmatians are known to shine in advanced obedience and agility events. Also, these dogs love to roam. They can run for miles, so keep them securely fenced or leashed.

Care & Grooming

A Dalmatian has a short fine coat that feels like velvet. These very heavy shedders needing frequent brushing. Their coat is dirt resistant and has a little doggy odor.

Dalmatians have a urinary system that is unique in the dog world. And they have a few special requirements because of this to prevent medical complications. Their diet should be low in protein, and they must be allowed access to plenty of fresh water at all times. Dalmatians also should have the opportunity to relieve themselves frequently to keep the urinary system flushed. With these simple protocols in place, your Dalmatian should live a long, healthy life.

8% of Dalmatians are deaf, and 22% have hearing loss in one ear leaving only about 70% with normal hearing.

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