Sweet, Happy, Agile


Breed Overview

The Coton de Tulear is a hardy, whitty, cuddly, lap dog.  Specifically named for the city of Tulear in Madagascar, a large island off the coast of Africa. Claims state the these dogs were the sole surviVors of a shipwreck there. Notably, Cotons are people-oriented and crave endless attention. Specifically, they are very sociable and peaceful with humans and other pets. Happy-go-lucky, funny, and whimsical, these white fluff balls are great fun to have around. Finally, they are a smart breed, and adapt easily to new environments.

Find out more about this breed at the American Kennel Club.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Coton de Tulear  is 14-18 years.

Size & Activity Level

Cotons range in size from 9-15 pounds. They are part of the Non-Sporting Group. This breed does not need a lot of physical activity due to their small size. They are also nice mobile companions. That said, a few short walks per day will suffice. In fact, apartments or homes with small yards will work fine for this breed. Cotons are active when indoors and love tons of playtime. Be sure to have plenty of toys and balls on hand. Even though these dogs look like fluffy stuffed animals, Cotons are a hardy little dog. They are always ready for a good play romp.  

Care & Grooming

The Coton has a signature long, white, dry, cotton-like coat.  In French “Coton” means cotton. Also important, they are a non shedding breed. This is a good fit for allergy suffers, as they are hypoallergenic dogs. Grooming needs for this breed are average. A few good brushes a week will keep them looking sharp. Bathing is about twice a month, or when stinky sets in. Other routine care includes, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and teeth maintenance. Finally, a healthy diet of a high-grade food is always necessary to keep healthy.In conclusion this breed is known to be healthy and hardy.  Always contact your vet or breeder for more information.

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