Confident, Trustworthy, Obedient

Breed Overview

The massive Bullmastiff was bred in the 19th Century for their strength, size, and speed. They were used as a working dog to help gamekeeper’s guard English estates. Their formidable appearance and mellow demeanor make them a good choice for working families. They are a loyal family companion forming strong bonds with his humans. This sensitive breed is patient and protective of children. This brave and loyal breed will always have your back.  In short, this breed should always live inside the home. This dog is a silent watchdog who will detain unwelcome visitors with his size and presence, biting only as needed.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.

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Life Expectancy

The breed has a life expectancy of between 8-10 years.

Size & Activity Level

The imposing Bullmastiff will mature to between 100-130 pounds. They are part of the Working Group.  This breed is pretty mellow with low activity needs and is content with a few long leisurely walks. The dog will adapt well to most environments, however a larger home with a yard is more sutiable for his size. Worth noting, they are not know to be barkers. They are confident and friendly, but due to their large size, small children should be superivsed at all times.

Care & Grooming

The Bullmastiff is a very large powerful dog and needs room to stretch out. The low-shedding coat is short and dense, offering protection from bad weather. His grooming needs are modest at most, with a weekly brushing.  Drooling is a way of life with this breed, so keep a hand towel readily available.  Also take note, they are prone to gassiness!

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