There are dozens of cute dog breeds, but not all of them are kid-friendly. That puppy with such an adorable face isn’t necessarily a good fit for households with children. The problem typically arises when there are small children in the house and it’s even worse when youngsters haven’t been taught to respect the dog and treat them correctly.

It’s not just nipping and biting behaviors that make some breeds less than desirable for homes with children. It’s important to consider the purpose for which the dogs were originally bred. Just because a breed tends to have a quieter disposition doesn’t mean they’ll get along with children under the age of 13 or so. Always research breeds first.

Australian Shepherd

The breed is born and bred to herd and that can result in dogs nipping at the heels of small children in an effort to herd them. The breed is very smart and requires a lot of time and exercise, which may be difficult to provide in a busy home with children.


These are definitely not a good choice for homes with small children. They can be aggressive and bite. They’re also vocal in their warnings and the high-pitched sounds of babies crying and children playing tend to put them on edge.


They’re vocal in their warnings and won’t hesitate to nip if they feel threatened. They’re possessive of toys, food and their primary caregiver – which can lead to bites if a child runs to hug a parent.

Shih Tzus

The active little shih tzu likes to zip from place to place and presents a trip and fall danger for adults and children. They tend to be emotionally fragile as puppies. Any negative behaviors on the part of children toward them will become internalized and can result in nipping and biting later in life. They also tend to think they’re the alpha of the family pack.

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