Friendly, Devoted, Good-Natured

Breed Overview

The modern Basset Hound was bred to hunt rabbits in France. In fact, hunting with a pack of Bassets is still not uncommon in France and UK, and other parts or Europe.  However it seldom occurs in the United States.  The Basset Hound is gentle, devoted, and well-behaved, fitting well into family life. Being of a temperament which is friendly and mild, but not timid. Bassetts are very affectionate and good with children. Hence, he can be a bit stubborn with and needs a firm, confident, and consistent owner.  With proper training, they are obedient, but when they pick up a smell, it’s often hard to get their attention.  They like to follow their noses, and may not even hear you calling to them.

This breed is known as the iconic Hush Puppy Dog. In fact, these dogs were made popular by the French aristocracy. And after the French Revolution, they became hunting dogs to commoners. These people were without horses ,and therefore needed a dog they could follow on foot.

Training a Basset Hounds means persuading his “what’s in it for me?” attitude. By in large, he is affectionate with his family and believes he is a lap dog.  In any event, the loyal Basset Hound is a great family pet due to their natural pack mentality.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.

Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy for the breed is 10-12 years.

Size & Activity Level

Basset Hounds range in size from 40-65 pounds.They are part of the Hound Group.

Lazy owners will have fat Basset Hounds with all the accompanying illnesses. The Basset Hound must be given ample exercise to keep the pounds off. Prepare yourself for the signature baying and howling Bassets are famous for. On the up side, Basset Hounds are calm dogs that do well even in small houses and apartments.

Care & Grooming

This breed is a heavy shedder. Their smooth, hard textured, short coat is easy to care for but sticks to everything. The Basset Hound’s long ears need frequent cleaning to fend off infection. Bathe them often.

Obesity is a problem for Basset Hounds. They love to eat!  If they put on too much weight, they can begin to have joint and back problems.

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