Confident, Noble, Fearless

Breed Overview

The Akita is a large working dog originally bred to guard royalty and nobility in Japan. Intelligent and loyal companions. Known to be the affectionate, yet fearless, and courageous guardian of the family. They won’t back down from challenges and do not frighten easily. Keep your Akita busy as they get bored easily and have a strong temperament.

This is a confident, large, and powerful dog breed, thriving on firm leadership. They have a noble and intimidating presence. They do well as only pets. This breed’s willful and stubborn nature can make training a challenge. They also display many feline traits including grooming themselves like a cat and potty training easily.

For more on the breed check out the American Kennel Club.


Life Expectancy

The Akita has a life expectancy of 10-14 years.

Size & Activity Level

The large-breed Akita will range in size from 70-130 pounds, as is part of the Working Group.  They are a medium-energy breed who love a long brisk walk in the cold and snow. They are energetic and affectionate playmates. That said, this breed will do best in a home with a large, secured yard. The Akita has strong, protective instincts, making them a natural guard dog.  The mission of this dog is spending time with him family and protecting them. Also to note, they do best as one-dog household.  Akitas tend to be over protective and aggressive to other dogs and animals, so be sure to socialize early, and keep on a firm leash.

Akita Care & Grooming

The Akita has a short water repellant coat. Shedding is eminent, but grooming is easy with weekly brushing. Be prepared for heavier shedding 2-3 times a year, so get ready to vacuum often. This breed does have a “self grooming” habit, similar to cat. With that said, a bath will be needed every few months along with other standards of care.  Nail clipping, ear cleaning, dental cleaning will be necesssary.  Also, a high quality diet will be required for optimal health.  For more information please always check with your vet or breeder.

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