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The Airedale Terrier is both a sporting and a working dog originating in Yorkshire, England. The largest of the terriers, the Airedale will dig, chase, and bark, when the opportunity arises. This intelligent dog has quite the independent streak. As a result, mental stimulation is necessary, as they can learn to do almost anything. Hard working Airedales make great watchdogs. He is a reliable and fierce guardian. Furthermore, they won’t start a fight, but they will surely be involved in finishing it. Whether retrieving, swimming, running, or just goofing around, the fun-loving Airedale makes a great family dog.  Also, they are super friendly with kids and other family pets.

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Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Airedale is 10-13 years.


Size & Activity Level

You can expect a mature Airedale to weigh between 40-65 pounds. This breed is a highly active dog and part of the Terrier Group. They are known as the “King of Terriers” due to their size. That said, they require plenty of outdoor daily exercise. Notably, this dog works best with an active family. With that said, the Airedale is an overachiever with the drive, energy, and stamina to play hard. However, he will bore easily. Be sure to have plenty of toys and Chewys around for them.  Also important, they are not suited for any type of apartment living.  A good size yard, with a secure fence is necessary for this breed.

Care & Grooming

The good news is this breed sheds lightly during certain times of the year. Most owners prefer a professional grooming 3-4 times per year, to give a neater look. With that said, the Terrier’s wiry double coat needs a regular brushing to keep mats at bay. A clipped coat can be brushed bi-weekly, but show coats will obviously take more care. Plan on washing their beard after meals. Also to note, ears, nails and teeth will also require monthly maintenance. This breed is overall a healthy one. Always check with your breeder or vet more detailed information and guidance.

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